Sex Addiction Course                                                                                                    Delivered over 16 weeks

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction describes sexually compulsive behaviour that can feel out of control. It may well be causing you distress and adversely affecting many aspects of your life. What makes it an addiction is not being able to stop what you are doing. You may be doing things that are putting your relationships or your job at risk. You might be worried about the impact of your actions on your family and friends and you want to stop.

How can Relate help me to stop?

Relates Sex Addiction Recovery Course can help you to make significant steps on the road to recovery. The workshop uses the Hall Recovery Course which is designed to give you practical skills to support your journey as well as helping to explore the emotional and psychological factors behind your behaviours.

This is 16 week programme facilitated by an experienced Sex Therapist and Qualified Trainer who have taken additional training in the treatment of sex addiction and delivering sex addiction group work programmes. They are supported by Relate’s specialist consultative team and adhere to a strict code of ethical guidelines.

For more information or to book a place on this course please call 01743 271 161

“Group rather than individual therapy gives you a much deeper understanding of all the issues involved in sexual addiction. Our experience and problems are superficially different but in essence they are the same. Sharing others difficulties helps you to better understand and overcome your own.”



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