Relate The Relationship People is all about, well,  people ...and we have many of them in our fantastic organisation. We fall into the following groups:

The Board of Trustees:

A fabulous group of volunteers who sit on our Board as trustees and directors. These individuals bring a wide variety of skills and experience to the governance role. The Board oversees what we do and makes sure we deliver on plans.

Chair & Vice: Alan Cooper, Ryan Jervis

Trustees: Sue Fitzmaurice, Mary Anne Richey, Peter Bennett, Sian Beckett, Andrew Mitchell, Peter Sleigh, Keith Riley, Darren Johnson

Patrons: Margaret Thrower

Our Clients:

At the heart of our organisaton and our focus, is our clients – those people who come to us for help with issues and those who are learners on our courses. 
We work with around 12,000 people in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Herefordshire and North Staffordshire people during the year. Our aim is to work with anyone who wants and needs our services within our geographical area. We work with individuals; people whose relationships are in crisis; with families suffering conflict, with businesses struggling with conflict in the workplace; we support employees through Employee Assistance Programmes; children and young people (in and outside the school setting); with HR departments designing bespoke programmes of development for staff; for those struggling to come to terms with bereavement; for couples with sexual problems; in fact any situation at all which you can think of where relationships are difficult or where people wish to preserve good relationships. That sounds pretty much like every man, woman and child of us!

Our Supporters:

The vast majority of our clients tell us that our services have helped them (97% of clients said that they thought Relate Services offered value for money) and that they wish to give something back.
These are the many and various ways you can “give something back”:-

• Join our Lottery – monthly prize draws of £100!

• Donate to one of our shops

• Donating to our bursary (to support those who otherwise might not be able to access services)

• Consider volunteering – opportunities are available across departments and locations

• Consider joining our County Fundraising Groups (in Shropshire, T & W, Herefordshire and N Staffs)

• Please give us your contact details to be kept up to date with fundraising events and newsletter

• If you are interested in finding out more about being a trustee, please ask



Our Staff:

You will read about the professionalism of our trained and highly regulated counselling and training  team elsewhere on this website. Most counsellors have a real passion and are driven to do what they do. It is my observation that there is nothing greater that one person can do for another than to offer their time. Time with a counsellor means 100% attention. That is the resource many of us are most short of in our fast paced lives. To become a Relate counsellor takes many years of dedicated study and practise to reach the required and ongoing standard. Apart from this, it is an ethical requirement that counsellors are able to provide unconditional positive regard and work within a closely regulated framework set by the British Association of Counselling and Psychology.
Our professional colleagues are supported by a large team of administrators and income generators.

The Income Generators:

An important aspect of our work is making the business sustainable. As a charity we do not profit from the services we provide, however, we do need to cover costs. We aim to keep costs as low as possible and to raise funds to enable provision to all those who want and need our services.

Our Retail Department:

An important aspect of income comes from our Retail Department. We have a portfolio of 12 outlets covering traditional charity clothing shops, furniture shops and specialist shops such as our bridal and prom dress shop and our specialist book shop in Ellesmere.

You can find our shops here:-

(please call for specific opening times)

Furniture Shop | Mardol | Shrewsbury - 01743 248418

Shrewsbury Brides | Shrewsbury - 01743 36789

Clothing Store | Mardol | Shrewsbury – 01743 367899

Relate Charity Shop | Whitchurch Road | Shrewsbury – 01743 440067

Relate Furniture Shop | High Street | Market Drayton – 01630 658936

Relate Charity Shop | High Street Wem | 01939 232777

Relate Furniture Shop | High Street Wem | 01939 236559

The Relate Boutique | Scotland Street Ellesmere | 01691 622122

The Relate Bookshop & Collectables | Scotland Street Ellesmere - 01939 245557

Relate Charity Shop | Church Stretton - 01694 720284